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North Florida Mold Consulting

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Welcome to My Mold Consulting Blog!

Who are we?

Well, there is no we, only me! My name is Jeffrey Feinberg, and I am the sole owner and consultant at North Florida Mold Consulting. Brief background, I grew up in NE Tallahassee, attended Florida State University (Go Noles!) but eventually left the area to attend graduate school at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, TX. It was at this time that I became interested in mold and indoor air quality. My thesis work was related to the indoor air quality at a large academic/medical research institution. This research led me into the early part of my professional career where I worked as an industrial hygienist and eventually was responsible for managing the indoor air quality program at the same institution where I worked on my thesis. I eventually moved on from this role and have been and environmental and occupational health professional for several Fortune 500 companies for almost 20 years. Like a lot of people during the last several years, I decided to take the leap and leave my corporate career so I could focus on what brought me the most joy. For me this meant, focusing on my family and farm and going back to where I started, hence North Florida Mold Consulting was born!

Why Hire Me as Your Mold Consultant?

When you hire me, you are not just getting some technician who is going to come to your house, take a few samples, and leave you with a report. Any company can do that. When you hire me, you are getting a consultant for life. One who personally performs all inspections, one who is happy to answer any questions before and after the job (even long after), one who focuses solely on mold and indoor air quality, and one who will treat you, your family, your pets, and your residence as if it were my own.

Looking Forward to Serving You

In closing, I hope if you have mold concerns or are interested in having your air quality evaluated, you will consider giving us a call/text. The call is free! And honestly sometimes my advice is that maybe you don't need to perform mold testing. So, browse our website, and please reach out with any questions/concerns.


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